The Eye Tie Company, LLC

EYE TIE Instructions

Tips for EYE TIE Success

Eye of hook should be unobstructed of all material

Cut tippet at 45 degree angle to maximize sharpness

Match appropriate tippet size with proper hook size assignment

Each funnel is marked with maximum tippet clearance 3X and 0X respectively

Each hook slot is marked with appropriate hook size ranges

If hook fails to slide into slot go to next larger hook slot

Gently insert eye of hook in magnetic slot on the side of tool below funnels

Slide tippet down side of funnel through eye of aligned hook and release line out of the slot

CAUTION:  This Tool includes small magnets and should not be worn or placed in close proximity by individuals who have pacemakers or other medical devices that may be compromised in a proximity to a magnet.  Pacemaker patients should consult with their physicians before placing the tool in close proximity to their pacemaker.  The Eye Tie Company disclaims any and all liability for complications arising from the use of this tool in connection with such medical devices.
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