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"Brian...you have a killer product.  I can't wait to catch-up and tell you my personal issues with getting the line through the eye.  You can help a lot of semi-blind guys like myself.  Thanks Buddy!" Curtis Fleming, Fly Rod Chronicles

"After 30 years in the fly fishing industry, I've seen a lot of people troubled by fly threading problems and several tools designed to help them.  The EYE TIE is by far the best tool that has come across the market and easiest to use.  I recommend it to all our customers "of that certain age" and also use it myself religiously"
Chris McCabe Riverotter Fly Shop, Professional Guide and Outfitter, Florence Montana

"Brian, after talking to you in the flyshop in Jackson, the next day I waded the Snake River.  I used your tool and was impressed with the ease of use!  Being 58 years old and struggling with small tippets and size 16-22 flies on my home water of the the Bighorn River, it now resides on my lanyard.  This tool is the best I've seen hit the market for us that use skinny tippets and tiny flies."
Mike Bartlett, Gillette Wyoming

"Being that I am 69 years old and don't have the dexterity that I used to, the EYE TIE tool that my son gave me has allowed me twice as many days on the water.  It takes me half as much time as it used to tie on, and I don't run out of patience, which makes my time much more enjoyable.  This is easy even for an old man to use"
Ron Knicely, Waynesboro Virginia

"Now that I'm older.  I've come to realize that my vision isn't quite what it used to be.  Often in low light conditions I find it very difficult to thread my fly.  The EYE TIE fly threading tool takes the struggle and frustration out of getting my fly on the water fast.  Anyone who is serious about flyfishing needs to invest in one of these tools." 
Tom Nichol, Hamilton Montana

"Congrats on the EYE TIE TOOL.  Let me know where I can get my hands on one for my dad.  He will definitely utilize it."
Rachel Agnew, Livingston Montana

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