Eye Tie Fly Threading Tool
The EYE TIE Tool
The last 200 years of modern flyfishing have seen few fly threading tools emerge on the market. The EYE TIE Fly Threading Tool bestows to the angler unsurpassed 21st century innovation.

The EYE TIE fly threading tool is small, lightweight, durable and will endure a lifetime of threading. The tool is easily attached to any lanyard or zinger.  It can be easily accessible no matter where your fishing takes you. The functionality of the EYE TIE fly threading tool is easy to use and simple to master. The typical angler will develop a high level of proficiency after only threading a few flies.

You owe it to yourself to give the EYE TIE a try.  Experience the simplicity and innovation of this tool for yourself. Tie one on today and improve your fishing experience!

The Eye Tie Company, LLC
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